StropheCoach specialises in developing people through both corporate and life coaching.  Strophe also provides learning and development interventions, pulling from the latest research, best practice and real life experience within industry. As such we can provide ‘sector specific’ insight and learning interventions. If specific skill improvement is not what you are looking and instead you are more interested in broader topics for development. Let’s discuss how we can offer our expertise in areas such as leadership, innovation, change management, diversity and inclusion, performance and impact, neurological and behavioural science, HR, health, wellbeing, cultural and organisational change.

Further more, we don’t stop at exercising the brain, our fully qualified specialists in embodiment ensure that change is a holistic intervention that impacts on both body and mind helping learners truly ‘walk the talk’ with embodied practice.

You are capable of anything! Unlocking your potential simply involves a little coaxing from us & a lot of focus from you!

All learning and development interventions are available online or in person and can be conducted either through individual or in group sessions dependent on our clients preference.

For more information on our products in:

  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Learning & Development
  • Digital & Online Learning
  • Knowledge Share Partnerships (KSP)

ButtonClick ‘StropheCoach’ to see how we can help you and your business.

Whatever your need, we have a team of highly skilled coaches and development professionals who will work with you and your teams to deliver measurable business & personal results.

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