Meet the team…

They are off the bench… it’s time to meet Strophe’s Super Heroes.

The Story of Strophe

It all began with a little girl with grazed knees and an insatiable appetite and ambition to make a difference…

Long may the adventure continue.

Why Strophe?

Strophe is a small company comprising of a carefully chosen team of trusted and proven associates.

Strophes core objective is that you feel heard, satisfied and inspired by the result.

How does it work?

How we will work together?
Shared Learning
Contract and Commitment…
The rest, is us making history together..

Sit back and enjoy the adventure.


Strophe provides a comprehensive service to help both business & people to achieve better results.
StropheConsult | StropheSpace | StropheCoach
mobile: +44 (0) 779 002 0081


Good people, great ideas and the right decisions, need the right environment in which to thrive.
Whether you require meeting space, e’space or team building space, we will find the solution that best meets your need, ambition and pocket.


StropheConsult helps organisations to transform through applying a new lens to strategic, transformation and organisational challenges to help deliver sustained and improved company performance.


StropheCoach specialises in working with both individuals & organisations to provide both Life & Corporate coaching. StropheCoach specialises in asking relevant questions so that together we can find the right answer for YOU and YOUR business.