Coaching & Mentoring Interventions

Our relationship is the key to unlocking your potential. As such our coaching engagement will comprise of a chemistry session at which point we will start to get to know each other. This can take place wherever, doing whatever activity you feel most comfortable with, coffee and chat, or perhaps something a little more adventurous.

If we decide we are the right ‘coaching fit’ we will follow up with a mutually agreed number of development sessions and set some initial objectives for our time.

Should you wish to receive group or organisational observations these can arranged as part of your package.

Our coaching plan will determine the best plan to suit your situation. Coaching can be provided in breakfast meetings, evenings, weekends or through out the working day.

Channels of communication include f2f, Zoom or telephone.
Rapid Q&A sessions can be requested as part of your package so if you just want to quickly WhatsApp or call for adhoc support one of our team can support a quick question, or in the moment anxiety at the touch of a button.

Coaching Sessions are specific to your need.

As an example, often clients ask us for support with the following areas:  

  • Relationship Management
  • Self-Esteem
  • Personal and Professional Brand Development
  • Self-awareness, Self realisation and Self actualisation
  • Life & Professional Change Management
  • Career Change & Development
  • Employee Support
  • General & Management Skills
  • Competence & Confidence Development
  • NLP
  • Creative development
  • Personal and Professional Effectiveness
  • Gender specific leadership and performance challenges
  • Handling difficult Situations & Conversations
  • Leadership Skill Development
  • Time & Organisational Management
  • C-Suite & Executive specific challenges
  • Managing State & Stress Responses
  • Silencing Inner Dialogue/Conflict
  • Embodiment – Walking the talk.

This list is not exhaustive. Perhaps, like the rest of us you are simply asking… What if? What next? When, How & Why?