We listen, learn and then… ask the right questions:  Every organisation has a unique set of requirements, complexities and opportunities.  We focus on the outcome and ensure that your brief asks the right questions to achieve it.

Get to know you and your business:  We will get under the skin of your organisation, test the assumptions and learn about what makes your assignment unique. No ‘off the shelf sticky plasters’ with us.

Help you to become more efficient and more effective:  Strophe provides a new lens helping you to identify the bottlenecks and opportunities which could be key to your success.  We utilise our experience, isight and intuition to advise on and embed best practice to ensure that you are operating efficiently, effectively and where appropriate, competitively.

Help you to innovate:  Strophe’s core proposition and unique value is in helping people and organisations think and do things differently in order to reach their potential.

Help you to better collaborate, innovate and connect:  Successful business is all about relationships.  Strophe helps organisations to build collaborative ‘Knowledge Share Partnerships’ (KSP) and provides forums for you to share insights, interests, concerns and even resource in a commercially sensitive way.

Connect your people:  Strophe helps you and your staff to better understand social, corporate and individual identities. Enhancing both their awareness and impact. We help organisations to be more effective, in identifying, engaging & mobilising ‘value-driven’ networks, breaking down and dispelling myths about silos and better appreciating and functioning with a clearer understanding of organisational dynamics.

Combine both bPotential and hPotential to optimise success:  We help your business achieve its potential through also ensuring that your people are recognising and achieving theirs.

Our learning, development and coaching programs ensure that your teams have the right mindset, attitudes and toolkit to be successful and bring life to your personal or business goals.

Provide the right environment: whether your team require learning space, meeting space, or e’space, StropheSpace has innovative and inspired solutions for you to host or us to facilitate your events.

Our purpose is not simply to deliver a brief; it is to ensure that the outcome of our work carries the relevant impact, behavioural change and ‘know how’ to be adopted and advocated throughout the organisation.  Helping to embed strong cultural practice and ensure that your investment continues to pay for itself. 

We don’t just look for results, we look for meaningful change!  


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