Story of Strophe

Like all good adventures it began in the playground.  Filled with a sense of adventure my friend and I would run around the painted labyrinth on the concrete playground.  He took centre and I took the start, the idea was to run as fast as we could around the circular maze until we met.  With the force of adrenaline and ‘tremendous’ speed… ‘bang’ we would bash into each other,  fall down in a fit of giggles, count and compare grazes – get up and do it again. Our mission – the one with the most grazes by the school bell at the end of lunch… won.

What I learnt as a competitive infant is that if I read the angle of his body (instead of giggling) and applied more speed, I would knock him down first, leaving me free for the ‘sliding knee graze’ which was always a winner!  It sounds brutal but as children we shared so much laughter, a common goal and a sense of feeling completely alive, on top of our game and at one with each other.

The point of this story is that as I grew up I realised that the principles of life or running a business are not much different.  Experience followed by reflection, and asking yourself relevant questions brings different answers to the same challenge and sometimes it takes a fresh perspective and innovation to improve on your game.

That is where Strophe comes in;  our team has plenty of years working in business dealing with all the same challenges that today we seek to resolve.  Strophe was set up to provide the much needed person who takes a fresh perspective, applies a new lens and helps both individuals and organisations to take a breath and look at things differently.  I just don’t run around a labyrinth whilst I am doing it anymore.

So what do we do now?

Strophe Ltd is extremely privileged to work with a number of leading organisations in both the public and private sector, across multiple industries and countries.

Our team work with organisations and individuals who have reached a turning point and need strategic intervention, transformation, innovation or simply development, to help them achieve a different perspective and perhaps a little direction on where their road map is taking them. 

Strophe provides the vehicle to transform people and businesses by helping them to see what is possible, advising them on how to make the relevant changes.  Whether consultancy, leading projects or providing coaching and development programs the best part for us, is when Strophe is afforded the E2E opportunity, rolling up our sleeves, seeing what’s possible and getting stuck in to directly help with the transition and implementation of change, as well as the concept and ideation stage.

So far it has been a success and the girl with grazed knees is very much enjoying it!  

Who’s on the bench?

Strophe has access to a core team of well-seasoned consultants, project specialists and development professionals alongside a wider pool of trusted associates.  Our team are carefully chosen for appropriate fit, well grounded and experienced in delivering a full suite of business and development requirements.  

Our mission is to help you to answer the questions your business, competition, market, or even your inner dialogue is asking.   As we discover more,  we might even hold up a mirror to help you ask some of the questions that it may be advantageous to start asking yourself.   Our objective irrespective of brief is to enable you to better see and reach your potential – as both business and/or individual.

Our approach is one of working in partnership and as a result of our cross sector, cross geographical experience and continuous research we are proud to say that we are yet to find a question that we cannot help to answer!  

If we do, you can rest assured that we won’t undertake that, which we cannot deliver.  After all, if we are not right for you, our network is large enough that we are sure to know someone who can help – after all that’s what good business and collaborative partnerships is all about, isn’t it?  

So what are you waiting for?  Meet the team below and please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We hope that you will invite Strophe to take its next adventure with you!