Meet Fiona

Our Commercial & HR Consultant, specialising in Diversity & Inclusion.  

If thats not enough Fiona is also: Deputy President of Women in Nuclear

Founding member of the Women’s Network for the the largest supplier and generator of electricity in the UK.

Has held strategic advisory roles as a member on the RAE Diversity Leadership Group and the National Equality Standard.

Specialist Areas: Commercial | Energy Marketing | Pricing | Trading | HR | Leadership | Learning & Development | Recruitment | Work force Planning | Employer Branding | Diversity and Inclusion | Coach and Mentor of Women in Business | Talent Identification and Development

Why is Strophe working within the field of diversity & Inclusion?

Our socio-political landscape is changing, our values within society and business have sharpened and the expectation on companies to better address ‘perceived’ inequality has continued to advance with greater measurement and focus on what it means to be an equal opportunities employer.

Our expectations of our organisational psychology, protection, values, behaviour, code of conduct and culture around embracing difference have also changed.

Times have changed!

Strophes mandate is to apply a new lens to help both people and businesses to achieve better results. As we work more with organisations in terms of their development we recognise that the landscape of our cultural and working practice standard and values continually change. Working with leaders and frontline teams in building diversity awareness and acceptance we note that the starting points for every organisation and individual are different. There are for many of us gaps in our understanding of what it means to be truly inclusive, we struggle sometimes with our language, behaviours, bias, and preparation to work and play alongside difference.

Organisations are becoming ever more conscious of the changing shape and demand on leaders of the future to attract, retain embrace, lead and reward diverse workforces and recognise the impact of inequality on organisational performance, economics and culture.

Why is that important & how can Fiona help?

It is statistically proven that diverse teams out perform those with less diverse ratios. It is also widely recognised that , countries, regions, organisations and individuals all have different starting points when it comes to recognising, responding to, embracing and managing diversity.

Strophes existing portfolio of work in this field is significantly bolstered by Fiona’s depth of experience and her unwavering mission to educate, support and develop greater diversity awareness and understanding in order to enhance organisational performance, development more inclusive cultures, better leadership & optimisation of teams.

Fionas experience and drive to address gender balance, continuously improve the representation of women in leadership and better engage everyone in discussions around some of the blockers to equality in organisations is key to our core proposition in helping organisations and individuals move beyond their starting points to better reach their potential.

Importantly Fiona carries a strong commercial background which means that her work in HR, Diversity and Inclusion reflects our mandate to ensure that our delivery talks to the business and understands the importance of keeping a third eye on the commercial and business benefits when advising on and delivering people and cultural change programmes.

To top that… she’s a leader and head of learning and development for the Girl Guides: Their motto is to ‘Be Prepared’ – This means that girl guides are ready to cope with anything that comes their way!

Who wouldn’t want that on their team??