Meet Glenn

L&D Consultant & Coach

Glenn is an exceptional learning and development specialist with 25 years multi-sector, cross-cultural L&D and facilitation experience.

As a leadership specialist for the Bear Grylls Academy, both Glenn and his “spiders” are also a great catch for team-building events.

Qualified: Trained in Somatics, NLP and a range of other psychological interventions ACT & CFT. Glenn is also a trained embodiment practitioner. Glenn has a strong background across both the public and private sector serving clients within Local Authorities | Utilities | Retail | Finance | Central & Local Government | Media

Specialist Areas: CX | Sales | Embodied Leadership & Management | Advanced Communication | Organisational Development | Enhancing your Individual & Company Performance | Work place happiness | Productivity | Communication | Health & Wellbeing | StropheSpace Facilitator | Coach

Why Glenn for Strophe?

Glenn genuinely lives and breathes his work. With a commitment to creating a shift and embedding the knowlege he imparts, Glenn creates the most favourable environment for people to learn, challenge and move past what they believe to be possible. Glenn brings a depth of knowledge, tenacity, anectdote, humility and humour to his facilitation in order to connect, engage & help individuals unlock their potential