Meet Karen

Communications Specialist | Consultant

Karen is an independent writer, editor and communications consultant specializing in science and technology, arts and culture, and environment and sustainable development.

Karen is committed to clearly and accurately communicating complex ideas along with the humanity and passion that drives scientists, artists and others to innovate.

Karen has published hundreds of profiles of innovators and visionaries from around the globe, across a vast swath of disciplines.

Recent clients: TED, Biosciences for Farming in Africa, Collusion Cambridge, GlobalXplorer°. Former clients: United Nations Environment Programme, Wired.

Why Karen for Strophe?

Karen is a highly qualified and exceptional Communications Specialist and Consultant with experience internationally across multiple channels, sectors and industries.

Karen is also key to our work in ‘diversity and inclusion’, having won a fellowship from the Independent Press Association as a ‘Journalist of Colour’. Her global background, rich experience and formidable contribution to making a difference provides her with real insight and interesting stories designed to shine a light on why diversity is so important and how diversity enhances and contributes to high-performing teams.

Karen is American of Chinese descent and is now based in Cambridge, UK.