Meet Lisa

Our Digital Design Consultant

Lisa is a digital design consultant with a wealth of experience, who compliments our team by looking at how we can create digital assets which truly support our clients’ requirements.

Lisa is integral to the design of digital assets and elearning and helps bring to life and meet our clients’ consultancy and learning objectives. This could involve a digital learning programme or individual assets, including beautifully crafted film work, video scenarios, gamification or other user interactions to help embed and consolidate learning, introduce new systems, support corporate messaging, innovations, transformation roadmaps or customer, employee and leadership insights.

Give me a real example?

Customer surveys have demonstrated that personalisation, and for B2B markets, ‘knowing our business’ is a high priority when determining service satisfaction. We know that customers spend more, and are prepared to wait longer, for a service where they feel that you have taken the time to truly understand their business. The challenge for many organisations is how you bring to life the customer environment for staff who don’t have access, or direct access, to that environment.

Take for example the energy sector, something as simple as finding and reading a meter, understanding energy consumption, and/or ensuring on site safety. Imagine a digital solution which replicated your customer environments and provided an immersive experience where your teams can walk, digitally, into the world of the customer. How would this enhance, knowledge, communication, sales, service and solution architecture?  How do you bring to life complex advances in technology, in order that your staff can credibly provide expertise and service your customer or on site technician. Helping your staff to keep pace with innovation through immersive learning can help to accelerate and enhance technical conversations, building credible relationships with your customers and ensuring that staff feel competent, confident and one step ahead of the ever-changing customer and technological landscape. This is just one example of the value that Lisa brings to the table.

Learning interventions such as these help to ensure that your customer feels that you truly understand their business. Being able to recreate your customers environment helps your staff step into their customer’s shoes, better enabling them to articulate, relate and provide practical, informed services with greater understanding of your customer requirements and unique challenges or opportunities.

Why Lisa for Strophe?

Lisa is passionate about looking at the bigger picture around what we can deliver. Lisa is a visionary. She can understand and bring to life the client brief, providing a balance and legacy to our work to ensure your ROI extends long after we leave. In terms of learning outcomes, Lisa is able to suggest and create tools to both help our team enhance their delivery and help the learner engage with and absorb the learning wherever and whenever they wish.