Meet Miles

Operational Consultant & Coach

Miles encourages optimum performance by helping others achieve that which they didn’t personally believe they were capable of!

Miles specialises in helping organisations reach optimal performance through the development of their people, including leadership, management and front line employees. As a Blue Sky Consultant, with 15 years of directly employed experience in operational management, Miles’s core expertise lies in the sales and service arenas. That said, his experience has allowed and proven him to make valuable contribution, deliver change and build relationships across any sector, at any level.

Qualified: Miles is accredited by the International Coaching Federation, recognised for representing the highest quality of professional coaching. Miles is also well seasoned in running a range of psychometrics and is qualified by the BPS in Level A & B Psychometric Testing.

Why Miles for Strophe? It’s simple, where Miles goes, the world smiles! His energy, warmth and infectious personality opens the door to a great depth of knowledge, experience and emotional intelligence. Miles holds the key to unlocking human potential and opening up individuals to what they might initially consider to be an impossible ask of themselves. He’s an exemplary coach, a pragmatic advisor and a pleasure to work with.

Miles has worked with the best in both the public and private sectors across a number of leading brands in financial services, utilities, retail, telco, local government and authorities, healthcare, travel, tourism, manufacturing and construction.