Organisational Observations

Coaching interventions can be supported by observing the participant in context. This provides the coach with the opportunity to both observe the person in practice, allowing for deeper insight into the individual, their presence and relationships within the business.

During the observation assignments, participants will be provided with the opportunity to also observe in context without contribution.

The benefit of this additional observation is that you or your team member can become sensitised to yours or their modus operandum. This development intervention allows the participant to adopt the role of the silent party within context. This helps the participant to reflect on what role would they might ordinarily play. Allowing them to answer the following questions. How does their contribution enable or hinder others? What impact does their presence have on the contribution of others? How do the team respond differently without your inclusion or guidance? What emotional responses, behaviour and thoughts become present as they watch others interact within system and environment?

Organisational Observation will help you and your teams to identify organisational dynamics and their influence on behaviour, beliefs and actions.

These sessions can be set within the live work environment or through action learning sets. Participants wil be expected to submit a report on their personal observations and integrate their findings into their coaching development.