Why Strophe?

The UK consulting market continued to record strong growth in 2018.  The management and business consulting space now carries an estimated value of £8.2 billion in the UK, following an annual revenue growth of 5.6%.  This compares to 2014, in which revenue grew by 6.6% to £6.02 billion.  It is clear that the growth trajectory reflected for our sector continues and that seeking counsel and collaborating with experts outside of your organisation continues to be seen as adding value.  In fact, growth has been driven by demand across all sectors and no doubt, both responds too and drives the pace of change (and in parallel need for stabilisation and performance) in periods of uncertainty which we continue to see across the UK.  That said, does strong growth in any sector, always reflect the results.  Do the objectives set always achieve the outcome desired, or the predicted return on investment? (ROI)  Having sat on both sides of the table, benefitting from consultancy services within organisations to delivering them on this side, for me this remains an important question.

Strophe is a small company comprising of myself and some carefully chosen associates.  Our work is governed and underpinned by our guiding principles:

  1. We will not promise anything that we don’t intend to deliver.
  2. We work with you so that we can decide together what is possible.
  3. We take the time to get under the skin of your organisation
  4. We listen & learn.  We don’t assume we have the right answer until we have understood your need.
  5. We are small & therefore agile.  We are responsive & bring something different
  6. We will not promise what we don’t intend to deliver
  7. We are outcome focused and realistic about ROI.
  8. We are change & development professionals.  We will engage, develop & empower, to be sure to bring your people with you.
  9. We create a tailored plan to respond to your specific needs.
  10. We adapt to the changing needs of your organisation.

Individually and collectively we align with the values of ‘delivery with transparency & integrity’.

Strophe’s core objective is that you feel heard, satisfied & inspired with the result.

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