StropheConsult specialises in helping organisations transform through applying a new lens to strategic, transformation and operational challenges to help deliver sustained and improved company performance…

The process looks a little like this….

StropheConsult responds to what is perceived to be an addressable issue or opportunity within the organisation which may be impacting on the committed deliverables, strategic plan, customer or value proposition. Executive, leadership and employee development is often integral to our response in order to embed the solution delivered. This helps to ensure appropriate mindset and behavioural change to ensure that the benefits achieved  continue to deliver for your organisation beyond our work together and into the future.

High performing companies are made up of effective leadershipresilient, healthy, diverse, equal & inclusive teams who can innovate and respond to rapidly changing times.  Developing an organisational culture which is fresh, aligned, purposeful and engaged is critical to organisational, happiness, health and prosperity so we have programs for that too.  Strophe adjusts to your starting point, in rapidly changing times.


Our solution will respond to and challenge the real opportunity within your organisation to help enhance both business and people potential and delivery greater company performance with sustainable results.

Your solution will be the result of collaboration, open data and innovation. Strophe is experienced in implementing and managing strategies to accelerate growth.  Innovation frameworks provide oxygen and an opportunity for new thinking, value-led solutions resulting in both financial and non financial value for your business.

Our solution will provide insight, recommendations and sustainable change to the barriers to goal, including cultural challenges, bottlenecks and behaviours preventing progress. We will work with you to plan, execute and implement impact focused change.


Business Potential(bPotential)

Company Strategy  | Service Strategy| Organisational Design, Development & Dynamics | Innovation | Problem Solving | Creativity | Transformation| Troubleshooting | Brand | Identity | Market Entry & Propositions | Crowd sourcing | Supply Chain Management/Sourcing | Partnerships & Collaborations (KSP) | Organisational Culture | Employee Engagement & Customer Led Strategies | Tech | Commercial Awareness | Health, Safety and Happiness | Psychometrics and Diagnostics | Speaker Events

Human Potential (hPotential)

 Diversity & Inclusion| Practical HR | Case work Management | Talent Attraction & Retention| Employee Life-cycle Management| Exec/Leadership Development | Training & Development Solutions | Creative Development | Performance, Impact and Exposure Improvement | Psychology of Environments | Team Building |Story Telling | Personal Effectiveness | Professional Development | Relationship counselling | Neuro-Science | Awareness | Accountability | NLP | Embodiment

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Strophe Ltd has been afforded the opportunity to work within all sectors across both the Public and Private sector.  Our team are based across a variation of countries and carry deep expertise both within leadership positions in industry, as well advising as seasoned consultants to share best practice and help you find the right solutions to your specific requirements

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