Clinical Research and HealthCare.

Chief HR Officer – Clinical Research & Health Care

Caroline was a consummate professional and strategist helping the business to craft its new future broader operating model and new ways of working. This was a complex programme of change which Caroline was central to leading and supporting and managing a very varied array of key stakeholders. she did this with the utmost professionalism, dedication, integrity and with great care for the people involved

HR & Talent Professional – Clinical Research & HealthCare

Caroline brought a strong work ethic and has an outstanding strategic mind-set, comfortable being creative and thinking outside the box, along with great people skills and was a genuine pleasure to work with.

Executive -Clinical Research & HealthCare

Caroline is a detailed orientated individual, is highly energetic and is driven to achieve.

Executive Vice President – Clinical Research & HealthCare

I enjoyed working with her immensely and found her to be professional, dynamic and innovative.  Caroline has the ability to deal with complex problem solving in a realistic and logical way.  She is a fantastic mentor to junior & senior staff alike and always brings a fresh viewpoint or opinion to any complex problem or decision point.

Head of Customer Experience and Marketing – Healthcare

Caroline was immeasurably helpful in helping me to find my feet and quickly attend to some of out quick-wins. The words I would to describe her are selfless and humble. Putting the business before herself is her best strength and therefore a huge asset to anyone working with her.