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Caroline came in to support xxxx with the development of innovation for a large bid for new business. She was engaged for a 4 month period where she quickly became a key member of the team. It was apparent immediately that the value Caroline could bring to the project transcended the original scope we had agreed and she was able to seamlessly take on more. From day one Caroline helped shape a unique value proposition to our client and the collaborative nature that she brought to the team supported, consolidated and enhanced our thinking throughout.

Working on a bid is a highly pressurised and intense environment, but one that never troubled Caroline. She is an asset to any team, bringing a wealth of knowledge, skill, creativity and most importantly integrity to the table. Her ability to conceptualise, interpret and design solutions to complex issues and problems added real value to the bid. She strikes an excellent balance between seeing the ‘big picture’ and the attention to detail to getting the smallest things right. Caroline employed a number of techniques that supported the development of innovation in the bid and was a fundamental contributor to our overall solution design.

Caroline instantly assimilated herself into the team and demonstrated an outstanding interpersonal approach at every level of our organisation, the client’s organisation and the bid team itself. I have worked with a lot of external contractors and without doubt Caroline is the one who has made the most effort to build exceptional working relationships whilst genuinely caring about the outcome of the project. Her dedication to the team, her conscientious striving for perfection, and sheer work ethic was a constant example to the other members of the bid team. Caroline genuinely is a people person; effortlessly immaculate at C-Level communications, equally adept as a coach, a mentor and a facilitator to those around her in the team.

I would certainly recommend Caroline for any assignment and I really look forward to working with her again in the future. The value that Strophe brings is broad and Caroline’s adaptability means that the value proposition she embodies is one that would add value to any project or team.